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Book Cheap Flights to India from the USA

Book Cheap Flights to India from the USA
Book Cheap Flights to India from the USA

Friday, December 14, 2018

Compensation Guidelines for Delayed Flights from the USA

Around the world, there are different kinds of regulations being practiced for keeping the flight schedules on a check and to provide value for the customer experiences. Often, flights are delayed, rescheduled, or overbooked as there are multiple factors governing the cheap flight booking and flying. Even slightest changes in the weather sometimes can create prolonging the departure of the scheduled flights. This might create strong customer dissatisfaction because nobody likes long hours in a crowded airport. Hence there are regulations being adopted and agreements signed by the authorities around the world, to value the time and money of the customers.
But the US adopt a different set of rules than Europe and the rest of the world when it comes to
compensating the airline customers.  It is hard to obtain compensation for delayed US flights.

The US Airlines Regulations Coverage

Under the US airline regulations, flights which are flying to the US as well as departing from the
USA are included. Also, the US airlines operate within the states domestically are covered.

US Airline Schemes for General Grievances  

There are multiple schemes in the US for providing safe and convenient travel for the customers
by compensating them for their loses. There are facilities for claiming your compensation when
the flight is overbooked, canceled or when your valuable luggage is missing.

Compensation for Delayed US Flights according to

the US Airline Norms

If you are traveling on a US-based airline, it must be alarming to know that there are hardly any
options for obtaining a compensation for delayed US flights. But in case of overbooked flights,
luggage mishandling etc., without a question, you can completely claim for compensation.
But in case of delays, unlike European flights, US does not have strict mandates for compensating
the customers. However, if you put forward a claim and the airline approves it, you can have the

Compensation for Domestic flights Delays

For the domestic travel within the US, if your flights are delayed there is no provision for claiming any kinds of compensations. The US Transportation Department makes it clearer that compensating the passengers is not necessary in case of the delays in domestic departures But, if the delay is for an unknown interval of time or if it the length of delays are tremendously long, if you speak with the airlines directly and request for a compensation, they might consider it.
Most often, such considerations are provided if you are a frequent flyer with that particular airline or
you have airline’s loyalty memberships. The reason behind is that they wouldn’t want to lose a frequent
customer. But remember that it is totally up to the airline whether to provide you a compensation for
delayed US flights or not as it is not mandatory according to the US regulations.

Compensation International Flights Delays in the US

When your flight is delayed at the US airport and you are traveling internationally, you may be eligible
for a compensation under the agreements signed at the Montreal Convention. The participation in the
Montreal agreement ascertain some rights to claim compensations for delayed US flights However,
it is still up to the airline to process it and the delay has to be beyond certain hours. If you are traveling
across Europe, the European rules enforce certain entitlements to the passengers in case of a delayed
flight. You can claim for that under the (EC) 261/2004 regulation.

Compensation for Cancelled US Flights

Unlike the European countries, the US airline regulations do provide any compensations for the canceled
flights just like they do not have provisions to provide compensation for delayed US flights. Hence youcannot
expect compensations from the airline. But, when the flight is canceled, the airline should reschedule or
rebook your ticket to your destination as per your convenience in the next available flight. For rebooking
your ticket because the airline canceled it in the first place, they are not allowed to charge any extra cost
from you. However, you need to expect some delay or changes in your preferences sometimes as the airlines
need to adjust the itineraries of passengers accordingly in a short span of time due to the unforeseen
circumstances. Some airlines will rebook your seats in the next flight with an upgrade or offer you meal
plans, vouchers or extra mile points instead of offering financial compensations.  But in case you cannot
wait until the rebooked schedule which the airline is offering for you, you can ask to reimburse your ticket
charge. Please note that according to the US law, they are not required to do that. However, if you are flying
with airlines which have good customer satisfaction records, there is no doubt that they will reimburse you.
It is always necessary to know your rights and limits when you are traveling internationally. This article will help you to know your rights pertaining to claiming compensation for delayed US flights in case of an unforeseen flight delay or cancellation in the USA.

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